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January 11th, 2012

12:28 am: TO DO (keep scrolling)
go downtown, take care of passport renewal
bring knitting on bus
get asparagus or other veg for Thurs.
Mailing for Amy Klobuchar
Do posters for Mom
concepts for Rocky/Bonnie picture (auuugh Gabrielle if you're reading this, I'm sorry)

before I leave:
Finish those posters!
FINALLY send Heidi and Adam that painting
Get to series 5 of Doctor Who with Mom
pack (duh)
Finish SA applications, email advisor, OIE

work out
eat better
draw forever
don't hate yourself if not all this gets done


December 12th, 2011

10:12 am: Finals freakout, carry on
I actually cannot believe that after an entire year and a half of higher education, I still don't know how to study.
big-ass pity party time, good godCollapse )

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October 18th, 2011

12:34 am: /gingerly brushes away spiderwebs

So I still have a Livejournal.

And I still read people's posts.

I just... never post here anymore. It's strange. This was totally my HOME for a couple of years, and now.... well, tumblr's the new game in town, and as much as my inner hipster loathes the fact that I'm on the bandwagon because it's easier, the fact remains that... it's easier. And it means that I don't have to put all my shit on photobucket to post it.

HOWEVER, I can still use LJ for brain dumps, since I'm sure all of 3 people still maybe look at it.

-photoshoppin' ponies (VECTOR ART IS FUN U GUISE)
-feelin' disgustin'ly inadequate about my drawin' thanks mostly to my drawin' professor
-using too many abbreviations
-and not enough punctuation

I'm on break now! Parents are still chugging along, doing whatever it is they do (which right now appears to be work a bunch of flu clinics and editing jorbs respectively, then collapse and watch Masterpiece Mystery), I'm managing to pirate someone's wifi, and real food happened tonight, which was GREAT.

Things I need to do over break:

+Read 1000 Character Classic, consider paper topic
+Figure out what's up with Study Abroad, begin essays
+Hand-washing signs for Mom
+Poster for Halloween dance @ Beloit
+Somehow acquire kilt
+Eat properly
+Sleep a ton
+Work out
+Draw more

when did my lj become ALL LISTS

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July 10th, 2011

09:58 am: Everything art-related except actual art
To Do:

-Scan sketches from past week

-commissionscommissionscommissions. I think I'm going to start working those 9-to-5 and giving myself weekends off, because DAMN, there's a lot of them (in related news I am so chuffed I cannot even begin to describe) and if I worked on them nonstop I would have no time for other art, or indeed, for myself! I'm going to be better about budgeting time, though, no more tumblr while I'm working.

-Make an Excel file for commissions completed

-Rob's (extremely) belated bday doodle

-Concepts for psych disorder graphic novel (more info on this to come)

In other news, Axis and Allies with some bros today. Awwwww yeeeeeeah.

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July 6th, 2011

11:26 am: PLAN FOR THE DAY
-Eat some breakfast

-Finish sketches of commissions outside

-Take break to take a walk

-Ink commissions (ALSO OUTSIDE, you need sun, self. D<)

-Move inside and color while watching Doctor Who

-Work on various projects til 5


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July 3rd, 2011

03:47 pm: Commissions OPEN
All right, folks, due to a really horrendous lack of available work in the Twin Cities, I have been forced to conclude that I probably will not have a regular summer job.

So, in order that I might pay for my books in the fall without going flat broke, I’ve decided to open up commissions! CHEAP commissions, because I realize this economy has hit everybody hard, and despite always having been told to “charge what you’re worth” (whatever that is) I actually want people to want these, haha.

Single figure (inked) - $5, more than one, add $3 per figure
Single figure (inked and digitally colored) - $7, add $3 per figure
If you want a background, send me an e-mail, and we can work something out based on how complex you’d like it.
For example, if this piece (Venusian Aikido) had been digitally colored, here’s the math:
Two color figures ($10) plus relatively simple environment (let’s say $4?) comes to $14.

Sketch commissions - $5, add $1 per additional figure
Single figure (inked) - $7, more than 1, add $4 per figure
Single figure (inked and digitally colored) - $9, more than 1 add $4 per figure
Again, if you’d like a background (or an animal somewhere in there) prices are open for negotiation.
EXAMPLE: If this piece (I really like chocolate okay) had been digitally colored, it would be $9. Straight up. The blobby color background is purely aesthetic, and easy as hell, and if you want one, I will throw it in ~for free~

I am also very open to negotiation in general, especially if you are having a difficult time at the moment, or if your piece is very large, but I will handle that on a private, deal-by-deal basis.

I DO do fanart, as long as I have your guarantee that it will not be used to make a profit (this actually applies to any of my art, unless you’ve specifically hired me to design merchandise). I also am willing to do graphic design, NSFW pieces, and icons.

I also screen-print! Anybody want tee-shirts?

In terms of payment, I take cash or money orders - I don't have a PayPal, unfortunately, though I'm thinking of setting one up.

Contact: hannah.haverkamp@gmail.com!

Anyway, thank you so much you guys, even if you just read this, or mention it to someone. I truly appreciate it.
title or description
have a cute Troughton. D'aww.

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June 26th, 2011

12:10 am: Last night may have been one of the greatest of my life.
To preface, my friend Sophie's uncle is a figure in the Minneapolis music scene, and was performing the incidental music for Wits at the Fitzgerald Theater. He does this periodically, and is a pretty regular performer in the show. A while back, he told Sophie's mom (his sister) that Neil Gaiman was going to be a guest on the show, and would they like some free tickets?

Of course, she said yes.

Sophie asked me about a few months ago whether I'd be free, and would I like to come?

Of course, I said yes.

The storyCollapse )

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June 19th, 2011

05:10 pm: It's over already?
I've just had nearly 10 days in this house to myself, and I can't believe they're already almost gone! My parents come back tomorrow, and I honestly had to pause for a second to consider what to tell them I've done.

Shit I've done:
+Stayed up til 4 am two nights in a row watching Third Doctor serials

+Gotten drunk and half-naked-watched Batman with a friend

+Gone to D&D and done essentially nothing but draw ponies and lie on the ground with some people playing the "Ha" game

+Had cereal for dinner

+Made bread and eaten all of it in two days (those may be the same two days that involved staying up til 4, shhh)

+Painted and repainted my nails several times because the tiny chips bugged me so I now have like 3 millimeters of polish on them

+Spent disgusting amounts of time on tumblr

What I'm going to TELL them I've done (all of this is also true, but somewhat more respectable)
+Gotten a job at the Twin Cities Pride Parade

+Exercised regularly

+Played with the bunny

+Read All Creatures Great and Small for probably the thousandth time


+Made food like an adult

+Gone to some grad parties

God, I am so unemployed, it's both hilarious and sad. I really hope my next job is something more regular than just a weekend. :/

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June 13th, 2011

04:34 pm: SUM ARTZ (finally!)

Yikes. Is anybody even still following this thing? Haha. Kudos if you are (or maybe you're just lazy) and LOOK! Now it pays off! Or something.

First round of sketches is just a couple of cast portrait type things from Mrs. Warren's Profession. Just pen doodles, but I liked the first ones (Vivie and Crofts) enough to do the whole set.
Plus I wanted to immortalize how badass my costume was.

Bunch of Mrs. Warren doodles, 30 day drawing challengeCollapse )

I think I'm going to make a separate fanart post, just to make this dump a little less overwhelming. I know there's a DASH of fanart in here, but....

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03:25 pm: And the installment that you're ACTUALLY interested in:
The fanart. Some Sherlock, mostly Doctor WhoCollapse )

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